Mobility Apps

Mobile Development

Mobile apps are powerful drivers of traffic, increasing advertising, sales, and growth. Studies reveal that every internet user spends over three hours per day on mobile devices, and purchases from mobile devices are up 18 percent in the last year alone.It all starts with an idea and a vision. And if you have one too, you are halfway down the road of success.

UX Design

Synapse Business Systems dedicated designers create experiences that are intuitive to users when they are navigating the mobile app. Our app designs with the interface stand out in a competitive market and give an engaging feel to customers and makes a positive impact and lasting impression.

We follow the process of Design-Led Engineering. We have more than 14+ skilled user interface designers who can tackle your mobile interface, dashboard, and applications for Android, iOS, tvOS and the web too. They use Adobe Photoshop, Balsamiq, or Sketch, UI designers develop visual elements, create wireframes and prototypes, work on animations between screens, and test the design for optimum functionality.


Sensors, devices are driving business transformation across enterprises. Harbinger’s IoT practice combines its IoT framework with expert knowledge in device compatibility, and performance. We help technology companies build end-to-end IoT solutions with a responsive front end and a scalable backend.